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“Follow your heart in what you want to do in life!

Success becomes a passion and work becomes play”!


profileI never thought I would be able to follow what my heart would tell me to do.

Probably the easy feeling of being in a secure, well paid job in reputed companies throughout my professional career was too difficult to let go and stopping me from doing something that I had always wanted to do in my life.  Be an entrepreneur!

By education & profession, I have been a technologist with more than a decade of IT experience in software development, design, application support and testing with various multi national companies such as Cognizant, TechMahindra and amdocs, however by passion I also remain a keen behavior psychologist.

I also have a keen interest in education system and have been researching on few ideas on student enhancement, career awareness and management aspects since last year or so.  You can read about my articles on education here.



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