So the season of football culminated at Rome and Barcelona would proudly carry the tag of “European Champions” until someone else wins next time.

Looks like I did actually tempt the fate by writing my previous post.

As a United fan, I must admit, I have been hurt, distraught, gutted and disappointed to lose the final on the grandest stage of all. But I have to be brave and admit that the better team has won the battle over 90 minutes of football play. Barcelona were much better team, looked more confident on and off the ball and played some fantastic football along the way.

One defeat today does not make this team any lesser.

We still are a great team, but just a shame, it was not our day today.

This is definitely not the end of the world and when they would reflect on the season campaign they would be proud of themselves on what they have achieved over that period. Hopefully the defeat in this final would spur us to more glory along the way in future.

We have played most matches than any other European club in the season and won three trophies along the way. Been to semi final of one and to the final of other tournament.  By no means its a disappointing season for sure!

Unfortunately it ended in a sour taste with us being soundly beaten by Barcelona. Although I am a United fan, for some reason, I do not find it hard to digest that the better team have won today. Barcelona has been in scintillating form throughout the year and they also have completed the first Spanish treble and have achieved their share of history !

What next for United now?

I just hope to have a stable summer period for United now. Hopefully we could get Tevez on our rolls by next season and could try and emulate Barca model with our own Fab 4 of Roony, Ronaldo, Tevez & Berbatov.

We would come back better for sure next year. I just hope this defeat would inspire this team to perform better next year and coming years.

Can we start the next season of Champions League tomorrow please !!

For some genuine, or rather perceived genuine reasons, I have been busy not to keep my blog up to date with the information in recent time. However, as usual, life never stops and things move along with time so quite a few things have happened since I actually posted something meaningful on my blog.

Anyways, coming back to the topic. Manchester United are in Finals at Rome and obviously as a United fan, I just can not wait for Wednesday to come calling.

Probably being nervous is a reflection of being a true fan of the club and so am I before the biggest game of the season for us. There is a history to be made on the day and I just wish, United would edge Barcelona for the Champions League medal so all my three years in UK would just be perfect. Its been wonderful to have witnessed a great team perform so well domestically and on world stages. Its truly been a privilege to me so far. Obviously when I am in India, I would keep on following, but the atmosphere just would not be the same as in the UK !

While the world is all praising Barcelona for their flair, style and football brand, for some reason my (rather nervous) mind says United will be a clear winner on the day and (putting rather bravely) by about 2 goals margin! Now do not ask me how I arrived at this logic and where in the world I had the courage to write, not only think of this victory.  Its just a guess and gut feeling based on the way United’s history has been in the European league finals. 

Honestly, by writing this, I just hope not to have tempted the fate !

I am anticipating a great game of football tomorrow and hopefully we would, as I wished earlier, win 2-0 or 3-1 on the night.

Far too much of asking? You decide !


What a fantastic match we had yesterday at Emirates !

As I wrote on my Facebook status, I could not have summed up the game more than this …

Arsenal kids are getting a master class lesson in football by the Gods of Football themselves…

However in all honestly, I really felt sorry for honest kids like Fabregas & Van Persie in the end. 

They are really good footballers but unfortunately they are stuck in a kindergarten called Arsenal Football Club. If Fabregas could have been in Man United squad, he could only have gone on to be one of the greats of football by now … but with medals to show !

Ronaldo was awesome and so were Park & Rooney. Defensively we were in a great shape as well.

In the end, felt really sorry for Fletcher to be red carded. But probably it was the destiny for someone to miss the final with United in it. 10 years ago it were Scholes & Keane and this time it would be Fletcher.

Bring on Barcelona .. supposedly best team in the world … until they meet their masters in final now !

Whoa .. ! What a match we had yesterday at ‘Dragon’s den’ in Porto. So finally United are through to the semi final of the Champions league and only Arsenal can stop them reaching second final in two years ..

As a united fan, I would obviously love to have United in the final and then winning it subsequently to make this the greatest season ever at the Theatre of Dreams. But then, I would also love to have Barcelona in the final and defeat them, just to re-ensure everyone who is the best !

It was particularly pleasing to see Ronaldo working his socks off, especially the dressing down by Almighty Fergie in recent weeks.

Now we can set our sights on Sunday’s semi-final clash with Everton at Wembley to book one more round trip to Wembley for the final of FA-Cup.

I have a funny feeling, we might actually beat all the three teams in the top 4 for glory this year, how about this happening.. ?

United to beat Liverpool for Premiership
United to beat Chelsea / Arsenal in FA cup final
United to beat Arsenal in route to Champions league glory !

Then we would officially be the best team in England, Europe and hopefully come December the world again !

Glory glory Man United !

What a bad weekend ! Both of my favourite teams in cricket & football lost horrifically on their days.

India was soundly defeated by New Zealand in Cricket and later in the day, Manchester United were humiliated by Liverpool at Old Trafford 4-1. I just could not take both theses losses. Particularly the later one was devastating than the former as India had already wrapped up the series by then.

Thinking on the loss later, I thought it might be a blessing in disguise as I hope this defeat would spur the team on for more success further in the season. I am sure SAF will not like anyone to be complacent in the title run-in and if anyone would have been complacent, this defeat would definitely be a wake up call. .. at least I hope so !

Anyways, I think it was the destiny of Liverpool to win at OT this time. I hope this would be their only happy moment in this year as it was of Man City last year when they did home and away double on United !

Cant wait for Fulham match now ! I hope we give them a thrashing … if not, then I would certainly be worried !