Yes, finally Microsoft took the curtains out of the much awaited, much anticipated next version of the Windows Mobile Phone platform and its been named as Windows Phone 7 Series.

There is nothing new that I would be writing here mentioning the plus points / minus points about the platform and Engadget has done a wonderful job of keeping everyone informed of the unveiling of the new platform.

Windows Phone 7 Series

Hands on & impressions – Video




I personally can not wait but to try out the new Windows Phone OS in my hands.

Looks like Microsoft has done it again. Well done guys !

Ok ! Let me admit, I am writing this blog post, in all honesty, to get a free copy of probably the best twitter client available for Windows Mobile phones.

I used ‘twikini’ quite a lot when it was beta and I certainly liked it. It is simple and just works !

You can check a quick screen shot on this page and many more of them when you click on the image on the left.

More information on this product is available on the following URL of Twikini Software Makers !


The quote from the Twikini website just about sums this good product up.

Twikini offers a powerful and efficient way to use Twitter on your phone. It conveniently updates your favourite feeds in the background, and leverages the camera, GPS, media, touch screen, keyboard, graphics and storage capabilities of your device

I think this is under continuous development and the version 1.0 has been release to public.

Wishing the guys over there good luck and keep the great products coming !!


So, here is my own list of top applications or must have’s on windows mobile pocket pc.  This is no particular order and I like all of them and use them regularly 🙂

Skype for Pocket PC

Skype recently released a new update (version 3.0) to the Skype software for Pocket PC and its worth installing if you are a regular Skype user.

You can go to the Skype URL to download the software.

Facebook (by Microsoft)

Another cool application if you are a regular facebook user. Although its in the beta status, still very useful though.  You might want to visit the XDA-developers or PPCGeeks site to get the latest installable.


One of the best chatting software available for Windows Mobile phones. It supports Yahoo! Messenger, Live, AOL, Google Talk and other most common chatting platforms.

You can visit the Beejive IM’s website here to get the download for Windows mobile. Its in the beta stage though, but works great !

 Opera mobile browser

The best mobile browser available for Windows Mobile ! I guess I do not need to tell you more about this 🙂

 PIM Backup

One of the applications that I use almost daily (automated though) is the PIM backup software to take the backup of my data.

Very good utility, which you can find here on Dotfred website.


View your mobile screen on your PC and work on your mobile using your PC screen and keyboard. Really good work here and you can get it here..

 A-A Reset Manager

Reset manager for doing a soft-reset on your device, either manually on ad-hoc basis or doing it automated at a fixed time of the day.  This software does it exactly what it mentions on the tin !

You can get it here..


If you have any of your favourite software, please do let me know and put a comment on my blog on this post. 

All your comments will be appreciated.  Thanks

Are you having issues in active syncing your Windows Mobile phone with your PC, especially with regards to the daylight savings time?  Then this might just be what you are looking for.

Due to a bug in the Windows Mobile phone and the Manila software (TouchFlo 3D), the daylight savings time does not get reflected in the mobile system and thus it always shows the Winter time (i.e., the GMT rather than BST) for us in the UK.

Microsoft has provided a solution to this problem and the solution is present here on Microsoft’s website.

** Do not worry about what Microsoft says on their site, as in this is for year 2008. The fix will resolve your problem for this year as well.

How to apply the solution?

  1. Download the WMDST2008-1.CAB from the above link.
  2. Transfer it to the Mobile and execute the same on your device.
  3. Soft reset the device (it would anyways automatically do that)
  4. Use the time sync software (Example SP Timesync) to sync the time as per your time zone.

If this does not resolve the problem ..

Check the Regional settings to ensure that you are in the correct region.

Change the time zone (i.e., for me I changed from GMT – London to GMT + 1 – Paris) and soft reset.

Use the time sync software to sync the time with the updated time zone.

Reset back to your current time zone (i.e., GMT – London) and it should show you the correct time zone.


But, there are still limitation of this solution.. 

If you ever go back to change the time via Manila (i.e., by clicking on the time on the Manila clock), you would have to repeat the process over and again.  So avoid doing that … !

Always use the Windows Native clock to change the time or to set / unset your alarms.


Hope this helps. 

Please comment on my post with your experience. Your experience will help me learn more.  Many thanks


Have managed to create a small video and show you how its done. Probably would help you even better..

You can see the text version of the instructions on my previous entry here.

** Note – The Windows media player gives error because I am connected to the PC and it has issues accessing the Contract WAP network while in active sync with PC.  Take the cable off and try again, it should work !

Device- HTC Touch HD
ROM – Miri’s Windows Mobile 6.5 (XDA-Developers forum here!)
Video taken using – MyMobiler