Yes, finally the truth is officially out and I admit, I had indeed resigned from TechMahindra few weeks ago !

The need to move out was primarily driven by few personal commitments as well as a very strong need for change in my professional lifestyle.

This company has a very very big influence in my career and helped me grow tremendously well in last 6+ years of association. So when I would leave finally, I would be leaving very strong bonds and relations behind which I would definitely cherish for rest of my life. 

So the decision has nothing to do with my current projects, managers, role, teams, environment, customers, work, freedom or even the money ! Its purely a voluntary decision that I hope would do me well in long term.

I have spent more than 6 very good years in TechMahindra and it has contributed immensely in giving me quality experience, a sense of ownership in the work I do and privilege to work with few extremely talented individuals within the company.  For me, TechMahindra has been a fantastic company and a great journey where I got to learn so many things.

Leaving has not definitely been an easy decision for me ! After all, why would you want to leave a company where the managers want you, give you good responsibility, pay you well and take care of your career growth ??

So what prompted me to leave?

As I mentioned earlier, one of the most important factor was a chance to rediscover myself and challenge myself to get to greater heights in my career. Other factor was a strong need of change in my professional work culture. There was nothing wrong with the current work or nature of work I was doing in TechMahindra, but I thought the things were getting too routine and too easy for me and I started to get an underwhelming feeling about myself.

Probably my ambitions were too high and stopping at one place or on one step for a longer time makes me feel uncomfortable. I want to feel challenged at all times where I get an opportunity to perform consistently at a higher level and eventually be rewarded for the work. Anyways, I would have plenty of time to do retrospective on why I left !!

I also thought the time was right for me to take a decision of moving out because I had right people doing right job in the projects and the project was in good hands. So I thought it would be a win-win situation for the project / company and myself to part ways in a silent way.  Anyways, I would never have deserted the project or my managers or my team if I was not assured of success after me.

What would I do next now?

Well, I would hopefully join another company down the line which I feel would make me excited about the job again and challenge me enough to make me perform at higher level again.

I am also looking at few other ideas in the space of Web 2.0 and social networking that would help me put my first step in entrepreneurship. I have started some background work on writing concepts and business case as well. At the moment, it looks like a long shot though !

Anyways, as and when I have any good idea about any of these options, I would be very happy to post on my blog and let all of you know.

Till that time, I am sure you would wish me well in future !